The 4 C’s of Crossroads

Club Structure

Crossroads offers churches two turn-key after-school club program models: Crossroads Kids Club for grades K-6 and Crossroads Teen Club for grades 6-8.

Crossroads Clubs:

  • Meet for 90 minutes immediately after school once per week.
  • Take place in a local public school
  • Require a team of just five volunteers to start.
  • Focus on building relationships with students through small group times.
  • Meet for 25-30 weeks each year (from September – May).
  • Feature a simple schedule and engaging age-appropriate activities.
  • Maintain a ratio of 1 leader for every 7 children.


Crossroads raises funds for each of its clubs and makes grants of materials and cash to affiliated churches to cover the essential costs of the materials, snacks and supplies used at each club. This means that your church can lead a Kids Club ministry with minimal impact to your budget. The vast majority of our financial support comes from individuals, which allows churches of all sizes and budgets to reach kids in their community.

Grant amounts are set annually and are based upon the number of children attending the club and the number of weeks the club meets.

To receive funding from Crossroads, churches must

  • Keep an accurate record of all eligible club expenses.
  • Submit attendance records to Crossroads within 24 hours of each club session.
  • Ensure that the team leader attends the one-day annual team leader conference in Chicagoland.
  • Complete the Grant Request Form twice per year (by December 31 and June 30).

Yes, Crossroads is actually giving away money to help your church impact your community!


A thriving Crossroads Club requires a dedicated team of at least five people from the church. The team leader oversees the ministry and is the primary point of contact with Crossroads. The other team members (small group leaders and games leaders) are trained and supported by the team leader, and their commitment is approximately 30 minutes outside of club time each week.

Team leaders:

  • Learn about Crossroads and the team leader role through a 60-minute live webinar offered monthly.
  • Attend a free 3-day orientation retreat in Chicagoland.
  • Connect with a Club Launch Coach weekly after attending the training retreat and prior to club launch to receive customized support and consultation.
  • Receive materials and resources to train their team members.
  • Participate in a monthly structured club health call to continuously improve the club’s impact.
  • Invest approximate 2-3 hours per week outside of club time.
  • Attend an annual one-day conference.

All training events and resources are provided free of charge. Crossroads even pays for the meals and lodging during the initial 3-day retreat and the 1-day annual conference. The only thing not included is travel to our training site in Chicagoland.


Each year, Crossroads develops new curriculum to support the club structure. A team of staff and volunteers works collaboratively to create content that considers various learning needs, language accessibility, cultural and geographical differences as well as situational challenges that may arise due to space and resource availability. We celebrate diversity and strive to make our lessons relevant and meaningful for all children.

At the same time, we recognize that there is no “one-size-fits-all” model for curriculum. We encourage our team leaders to exercise freedom and ownership of the implementation based on their understanding of their specific teams and contexts. The Crossroads staff works with the team leader and volunteers on an ongoing basis to provide curriculum support, coaching and training.

Crossroads Curriculum:

  • Is Bible-focused, Christ-centered and story-based.
  • Uses minimal materials allowing for quick setup and cleanup.
  • Comes in electronic format for ease of customization.
  • Offers three small group variations: primary grades, intermediate grades and middle school.
  • Includes optional parent newsletters to share lesson content with families.
  • Is 100% free for all affiliated churches.