Reward the Positive

This month’s Tuesday Tip series, “Relate,” is all about how to manage difficult behaviors and build positive relationships with students. One way is to consistently recognize and reward positive behaviors. Today we’ll share three different strategies for your Kids Club.

Idea #1: 500 Point Chart
Linda Emberson, club leader at Spring Creek Elementary, uses a 500 Point Chart to reward the whole group. Each week, every child gets a chance to put stickers on a large piece of poster board divided into 500 squares. When the whole poster board is full, everyone in Kids Club gets to enjoy a pizza party.

Idea #2: Character Kid of the Week
At King Elementary where I (Katie) lead Kids Club, the team chooses a child each week to be recognized for outstanding character. Small group leaders can nominate someone, and then the student is recognized by their leader in front of all their peers for the specific character qualities they have shown. When a student is chosen, their parents also receive a phone call from me, sharing why their leader chose to recognize them and how proud we are of them. One parent was really impacted and admitted, “My son’s never received a positive call before.”

Idea #3: Individual Point or Ticket System
Individual point systems or ticket exchanges can be awarded to individual kids throughout club for following expectations or for showing outstanding behavior. Points or tickets can later be exchanged for special prizes or privileges. One of the leaders at the Kids Club at ALBA came up with an especially fun idea: CKC Bucks!

ckc bucks

What other ways have you rewarded positive behavior? Reply to this e-mail to share your ideas.