3 Easy Ways to Connect with Families This Christmas

1. Throw a Christmas party for families at the school during or after club.

Hosting an event during club often means parents are readily willing to join, because they are already comfortable and familiar with the school and with your club program. Invite members of your church to come and help with the event, and encourage them to interact with the families as well. Check out the Crossroads Christmas Party plan for ideas.

2. Invite your club families to a holiday event at your church.

This could be as simple as inviting kids and families to something that your church is already doing. Or, it might be an event that your church plans with Crossroads families specifically in mind. Some possibilities could be….

    • A Christmas Eve service
    • A small gathering for Crossroads families before or after a service
    • A Christmas concert 
    • A family Christmas party (See the CKC Christmas party plan for ideas)
    • A children’s holiday pageant or play 
    • A Christmas gift mart (Check out this blog post about a leader who does this every year.)
    • Free childcare on an evening or Saturday for parents to go Christmas shopping
    • A gift wrapping event

3. Participate or volunteer at a school holiday program for families. 

Talk to your principal about how a group of people from your church might help the school and connect with families at a school function around the holidays. Explain that you want to help the school as well as build meaningful connections with the families who will attend. Some options you might have:

    • Help with a school holiday assembly
    • Provide volunteers for class parties
    • Attend or assist with a holiday concert, play or event

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