3 Myths about Leading Worship in Kids Club

Myth #1 I need someone who can sing, dance or play an instrument.

You don’t have to be a great singer to lead worship in Kids Club – just play the music louder! In fact, it’s a valuable lesson for kids to learn that worship is not about our ability at all. Kids should see a worship leader who is passionate about praising God no matter how vocally talented they are. You don’t need to be able to play guitar or be a good dancer either (although if you do that’s great!). What you do need is to prepare (make sure you know the song) and perform with enthusiasm and a smile.

Myth #2: I need a fancy, expensive sound system.

If you have one, and someone who wants to bring it and set it up, cool. If you want a simpler solution, try a portable Bluetooth speaker like this one available on Amazon. Just download a few songs onto your phone, make sure your speaker is charged, and you will be ready to lead praise and worship anytime and anywhere.

Myth #3: I need a projector to show the music video or lyrics.

Again, if you have one, that’s helpful. But it’s not necessary to lead worship. Choose kid-friendly songs that have simple motions and lyrics. Kids will learn the lyrics quickly if you repeat the songs regularly. (Just think of how many songs on the radio you can recite the lyrics to without ever having seen them on a powerpoint). Repeating songs also gives kids a chance to learn the motions to a song and get good at them, which allows them to begin to focus more deeply on the words instead of the dance moves. Teach them some of the basic motions before playing a song the first time, and then add more in week by week. Many songs have motions that are easy to catch on just by following the worship leader.

The bottom line is this: Pick a select handful of songs that have a meaningful spiritual message and physical movement.

Here are some of our favorites. Check them out on YouTube by clicking the links below.

Power Shuffle

Let’s Get a Little Crazy

Nothing is Impossible

I Can Count on God

God is For Me

The Golden Rule

Give It Away

I Have Decided

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