Finishing Well: Thank Everyone!


Finishing Well: Thank Everyone!

I’m sure that you started the year off with great intentions, a solid plan, and big dreams for your Kids Club ministry. Now it is important that you finish well too!

One way to finish well is to thank everyone that has been involved in supporting the Kids Club ministry. Take a moment to think about who deserves your thanks and appreciation, and consider giving them a word of thanks, an appreciative note or a gift.

  • Volunteers: Who has helped out at the club at any point this year? Are there people in your church who have supported the ministry in other ways? 
  • Leaders: Is there a leader in your church, your school or community who has been an advocate for you, your team or your kids in a meaningful way?
  • School Staff: Kids Club wouldn’t exist at your school if it wasn’t for your principal’s support! Make sure they know that your church and team appreciate them. You may also consider a thank you note or gift to school staff such as the secretary, a P.E. coach who lets you borrow game supplies or a teacher who volunteers their classroom space.

Thank You Gift Ideas

  • Have the kids in your club make thank you cards.
  • Buy flowers for the school secretary or donuts for the staff.
  • Here are ten simple DIY gifts to say thank you.
  • And check another cute DIY idea with printable tags.