Ship to Shore

Object of Game: To remain in the game after everyone else is called “out.”

Materials: None

How the Game Is Played: Designate one side of the gym as “ship” and the other side as “shore.” When you call “ship” all the students need to get to that side as fast as possible. The last one there is called out. The same applies when you call “shore.” You may also call the following things, and the last person or group to do the action indicated will be out:

  • Captain’s Coming ➔ Students must stand at attention and salute. They must stay this way until you say “at ease.” If they move before you say “at ease” they are “out.”

  • Hit the Deck ➔ Students must lie down on their stomachs.

  • Captain’s Table ➔ Students must get in a group of four, sit down in a circle, and pretend to eat. 

  • Crow’s Nest ➔ Studentsmust get in a group of three students and stand back-to-back with arms linked.

  • Man Overboard ➔ Students must find a partner. One partner goes down on his or her hands and knees. The other partner puts one foot on the first person’s back.

Play continues until there is only one person left in the game.