Tomb Wrap

Materials: Two rolls of toilet paper per team (A team should be no more than 5 players)

How to Play: Divide into teams of 5 players. Decide who is Lazarus for each team. Give each team two rolls of toilet paper. On the signal “GO,” each team starts wrapping Lazarus with the paper. When finished, they shout, “Lazarus, Come out.” Then Lazarus quickly unwraps himself while the team rolls the paper back up. When finished, Lazarus shouts, “Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life.” First to yell that is the winner. The winner must have all the toilet paper rolled up back onto the roll for it to count! Play until you have a first, second and third place team. If you have enough toilet paper you may play another round. Then, challenge the students to see which team can be the first to throw all the remaining pieces of toilet paper in the trash.

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