Top Traits of High-Functioning Teams

Crossroads Kids Club doesn’t happen without a team. A thriving club ministry takes at least five consistent adult volunteers, and many teams recruit additional help behind the scenes. However, even small teams can make a tremendous impact when they are functioning well together and committed to the mission. What are some of the top traits of a high-functioning Kids Club team? 

They pray together.

Many Crossroads teams set a regularly scheduled time to pray together. This can become a routine that happens ten minutes before club begins or after the students leave. They also communicate with one another about things they hear in their small groups and how they can be praying as a team for the needs of individual children and families. 

They prepare together.

High-functioning teams consist of team members who are well trained and always open to learning and growing more. They meet together to form a game plan to kick off the beginning of the school year well. Not only that, but they maintain good communication with one another throughout the year. Whether it’s in person or via email messages, strong teams communicate weekly in-between club about each week’s plan. They commit to reviewing the plan and coming prepared for their part, because they know this makes a difference in the club time.

They “play” together.

Teamwork should be fun! Bring the creativity and fun into your club environment and it will affect the quality of your experience and that of the students’. Also, to strengthen your team, spend time building personal relationships with the people you serve with, whether it’s one-on-one or as a group. The better you know and care for one another, the more you will be able to support one another in your roles at club and increase your collective ministry impact. 

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