Welcome Letter to School

Here is a template for team leaders to use to introduce themselves and the Crossroads program to the school. Click on below and download the file to customize. Welcome Letter to School

3 Club Invitation Postcards

3 Club Invitation Postcards Use any of these graphics to create your own invite postcard to club. Option 1 (Click Here) Option 2 (Click Here)Option 3 (Click Here)

Coaching Sheet: Raising the Fun Factor

**Coaching sheets are designed for TEAM LEADER use only** Coaching Sheet: Raising the Fun Factor (Team member copy) Coaching Sheet: Raising the Fun Factor (Leader’s Notes)

Kids Perfect Attendance Certificate

By special request, we’ve created a Kids Club perfect attendance certificate. One leader had 12 students with perfect attendance! A certificate like this is a great way to recognize kids for their consistent attendance. Click the link below to get your own PDF of the certificate. Kids Perfect Attendance Certificate PDF