Centered around Jesus’s interactions during his earthly ministry, this curriculum explores the gospel invitations that Jesus was sent to deliver to the whole world! The invitations explored in this curriculum series are not invitations to a party or to an experience, but to come and to know a person: Jesus himself! Through this six week curriculum series, invite students to receive and respond to an invitation unlike any other!

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Lesson 1 “I’m Invited”

Lesson 2 “An Invitation to True Life”

Lesson 3 “An Invitation to Rest”

Lesson 4 “An Invitation to Come and See”

Lesson 5 “An Invitation to Receive Mercy and Grace” 

Lesson 6 “An Invitation to Life with God, Now and Forever” 

Crew kit

Preparation Guide for Crew Kit Coordinators (PDF)

  • Parent Newsletter K-8 (PDF)
  • Mystery Clue #1 (PDF)
  • Mystery Clue #2 (PDF)
  • Mystery Clue #3 (PDF)
  • Bible Story Reveal (PDF)
  • Engagement Activity Sheet K-8 (PDF)