Getting Started (for churches): Challenge #4


Overcoming the five biggest challenges

Challenge #4: Finding the time.

For most of us, time is our most limited resource. Even though you want to engage kids and families in your community, you probably struggle to find the time for an extra commitment. The great thing about partnering with Crossroads is that we create an opportunity for you that is absolutely turn-key, so you don’t have to spend time creating a new ministry or searching for materials. The team leader role only requires about 3-5 hours of time per week (including the time with the kids), and many church leaders find key volunteers in their congregation who are able to own this role.

Review the Team Leader Job Description to find out more about what the Team Leader is responsible for.

Here’s a quick review of the first three challenges:
Challenge #1: Finding people. 
Take a look back at the list you made last week and share the vision with them. Here is a video that can help you.
Check out how God not only works through the students at the Crossroads Kids Club®, but also through their whole family.

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Challenge #2: Finding the right school partnership.

Crossroads Kids Club® works with both elementary schools and middle schools. Do a quick Google search of the elementary and middle schools near you. Start praying that God would open the door to the school he would want you to serve.

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Challenge #3: Finding the money.

Crossroads Kids Club® gives grants to cover the essential club costs. This includes snacks, curriculum activity supplies, parties for club time, Bibles for your students and so much more.

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